Hi, I’m Trine

And I’m the knitter behind Knitamore Knitwear. Welcome!

The name Knitamore is composed of an English and an Italian word: knit and amore, which mean knitting and love respectively. And it’s no coincidence at all, because Knitamore was created because of my great and all-consuming romance with knitting needles and yarn.

I know that I share this passion for knitting and the love for knitwear and beautiful yarns with many others. And that is why it is my mission to contribute to the great knitting community with beautiful contemporary knitting designs and unique hand-dyed yarn (which, for now, I only sell to Danish residents).

I learned to knit already when I went to daycare and have thus been knitting all my life. And knitting has only grown on me year by year – I can no longer imagine not knitting every day. I design knitwear out of pure desire and from the heart, and I follow no rules. The best ideas that pop up in my head, I do my best to realize.

I hope you feel like knitting along.

In addition to, I am also behind the food and lifestyle blog, where you can find inspiration for everything from cooking, pickling, baking and schnapps brewing to DIY, natural beauty care and garden tips.

Trine Ellegaard står bag Knitamore